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Beta Reading

Tried and Trusted Indie Publishing offers a reading service that will give you an invaluable overview of your manuscript, covering the various elements of your writing such as your characters and their development, description and setting, dialogue, plot and pacing.

It will also consider the scope of your book and its suitability for your intended audience.

This is a read-only advisory service that does not include detailed editing. It is an investment that can substantially reduce your editing costs. The more of the work that you can do for yourself, the less work will be needed by the editor.


Structural Edit

Structural editing considers the overall picture. It evaluates the manuscript as a whole entity to analyse how well its constituent parts contribute to the intended message or the narrative.

The structural editor will do a complete read-through of the manuscript and provide suggestions to help improve word choices, transitions, and fluency of writing, as well as help to eliminate wordiness, triteness, confusing statements, mixed metaphors, and vague generalisations.


Copy Edit

Copyediting considers the detail of the manuscript. It involves a complete read-through of the text and artwork looking for issues with spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalisation.

It also looks for inconsistent terminology, numbers, abbreviations, quote styling and names as well as cross checking the Table of Contents


Final Edit

This is a final read-through, concentrating on proofreading the manuscript.

Manuscript must be presented in an electronic format – MS Word or MS Word compatible preferred.

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