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Maeven: Dragon Thief

Running away from an arranged marriage, 15 year old Princess Maeven decides to abandon her royal obligations and become a very rich thief.
But was it choice or destiny?
The realm is facing grave peril, for the dragon-mage, Thulor, who has protected it for generations, is dying and her magic is failing. Unless the King can enable the birth of her successor, the realm will be open to conquest.
However, an evil demon, called the Serpent, has Thulor’s mage egg, and a thief’s skills and wits are needed to recover it. Being neither a magician nor fighter, Maeven’s instinct is to run and hide from danger. And she has an equally imperative secret that she won’t even tell the king.
What will compel her to take up her royal duty as the one chosen by Thulor to protect the next dragon mage?
Maeven – Dragon Thief is an epic adventure that spans a kingdom and beyond, and shows how power over evil can be achieved by being true to one’s nature.

Maeven: Dragon Thief

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