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The Olympus Trials - The story of the untold tale

Nirvana, where the zodiacs of the twelve Constellations reside.

The harmony of thousands of years, was shattered when Apothis the Snake, the only one who could interpret the words of the God, Unum, turned his fellow Zodiacs against each other and unleashed the soul-destroying Infernum on the land.

The very existence of all zodiacs is threatened, but now they are fighting back, to make Nirvana what it once was.

To have unity and order, to sustain peace and harmony, to ultimately triumph, all zodiacs must commit to undergo The Olympus Trials, beginning in their 21st year.


Taura Andreas, born into the parochial Taurus Constellation, shunned by her community for being born weak and unlikely to fulfil the cultural identity of brawn and brute strength, must now survive the Trials and obtain the classification to determine her life’s work.

Taura is a misfit, even amongst the diversity of zodiacs from the other Constellations.

While seeking to discover the truth of the unknown power growing within herself, she unravels dark secrets and unleashes events she will live to regret.


The Story of the Untold Tale, is her story.

The dawning awareness of a destiny for which she is totally unprepared.

The Olympus Trials - The story of the untold tale

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