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The TYmorean Trust Book 1 - Power Rising

The Tymorean Trust - When peace rules Tymorea - Peace reigns in the universe.
Chosen to be the Advocates of the mystical and incorporeal Guardians of Peace, twins Tymos and Kryslie must first learn to control and use the power rising in them - or it will destroy them.
On Tymorea, only the ruling Triumvirate Governors are powerful enough to guide the strong-willed alien-bred twins until they have mastered their power.
But even as Tymos and Kryslie are pushed ever harder to learn skills and wisdom, alien infiltrators are secretly finalising plans to undermine and destroy the ruling Royal elite, enslave the common people, and reform the planetary terrain to suit their own needs.
However, Tymos and Kryslie must leave the protected Royal Estate to begin to learn of their other gifts and to come to understand their destiny, even though this will place them in deadly peril.

The TYmorean Trust Book 1 - Power Rising

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