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The Tymorean Trust Book 2 - Great Ones

The peace of the Guardian Planet, Tymorea, is in deadly peril. War there will create ripples of unrest and destruction throughout the settled universe.
Tymos and Kryslie, still adolescents, have barely mastered their power and Llaimos is still less than a year old, but they are the three chosen to be Advocates of the mystical Guardians of Peace, to safeguard the Tymorean Trust.
The Aeronites, already infiltrating Tymorea, will soon we ready to declare open warfare and begin reforming the planet’s surface.
After the Aeronites attack, they have only an illusion of victory when a second, even deadlier enemy reveal themselves. The Guardian’s Advocates must learn to wield the power of their whole planet, to fight them, to return peace to Tymorea, and to reverse lethal damage done to their world.

The Tymorean Trust Book 2 - Great Ones

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