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The Tymorean Trust Book 5 - Alien Contact

Tymos and Kryslie Ward, hide their Tymorean intelligence and abilities by working for the WSRA as low ranked technicians at the Earth’s first lunar base.
Their anonymity is compromised when Kryslie races to push a VIP from the path of a careening shuttle. Her incredible speed draws worldwide attention and she becomes a target for the saboteur who is causing escalating system malfunctions on Lunar One.
While Kryslie and her brother, Tymos, work to identify the saboteur, an even deadlier danger is approaching. An alien ship arrives at Lunar One, pursued by a powerful enemy who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Only the two Tymorean Great Ones have the knowledge and abilities to overcome him, but to do so they must risk their sanity, and their souls.

The Tymorean Trust Book 5 - Alien Contact

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