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Wanda Early Days

Anthology containing:

Wanda - From Bad to Worse

If she was going to die young, like her mother, Gwen Willard was determined to die rich and she had very few years to do it.
Her first step was to leave home. She met Hooch, who taught her some exciting and illegal skills. She was the Dracos lucky mascot until she came to the attention of the police.
Then her uncanny knack for predicting trouble, warned her to flee to the city and change her name.
Life wasn’t easy. She was 15, had little money and no regular job, but her new skills came in handy.
Then she crossed the path of an evil and unscrupulous man and she didn’t want him to have his way.

Wanda - Choosing Crime

Wanda was free. She was never going back to jail. But she was homeless, almost penniless and Harrison Franklin had a long and vengeful memory.
Jim Phillips had a long memory too, and Wanda had saved his life. Could he save her from Franklin?

Wanda Early Days

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